Crystal therapy works in a similar fashion as Reiki in that it is based on subtleties in energetic vibrations.  The difference is the energy of a living being versus energy phenomenon in inanimate objects.  The power of crystals had been utilized for centuries as spiritual tokens well before we found scientific proof of their benefits.  Almost every single piece of electronics, from watches to cell phones to MP3 players, have small pieces of quartz crystals in them. What makes them work is an energetic property called piezoelectricity, which is a big word for a vibration response to changes in pressure.  The crystal responds to the changes in pressure from the electrical parts and begins to resonate, ultimately balancing out the low frequencies of the electronics with its own higher level twinkling vibrations.  This property is what makes worry stones just a little bit more than a superstition.

       Different crystals have different crystal, or lattice, structures at a molecular level and therefore, they all have slightly different vibrations.  These variations in frequency will alter a person, or a dog's, frequency accordingly, making different crystals have different effects.

    Here at MaryJo's we Reiki charge the shop every morning to give our entire atmosphere a calm clean start.  We keep crystals in our pockets to keep ourselves grounded, we keep them in the tubs, on the tables and even against the kennels to keep our puppies as calm as possible.  They might not understand the physics of it all, but they always find our crystals intriguing and enjoy their time around them.  

Mary Jo's Pet Grooming

       Aromatherapy is yet another useful tool to help keep our environment as stress free as possible.  Diffusing essential oils has many benefits for our clients, four legs or two.  The owners appreciate the uplifting, non-wet-dog aroma when they walk in for their appointments while the dogs appreciate the calming factor of the scents we choose.  We stick to using essential oils that are known for aiding in relaxation such as lavender, camomile, jasmine, and ylang ylang, and we even use all natural shampoos with lavender or camomile fragrance.  We use our calming shampoos on the ones who might not be comfortable with the process yet and it's astonishing the calming reaction that happens as soon as the shampoo is opened.   

      Reiki is a form of alternative therapy originating in Japan, that is based on the concept of every living thing and its vibrating energy.  The idea of this 'life force energy' is that higher vibrations keep you happy and healthy where as lower vibrations leave you more susceptible to sadness and illness.  Think about it in terms of music.  There's a reason why higher pitched music is uplifting and exciting, and it's all about vibrations.

      The mind is a powerful tool, and with proper motivation it can achieve anything.  If you think it, it will be.  As a Reiki practitioner, MaryJo has been trained to use and instill her own positive life force energy and essentially help reset the vibrations of the energies around her.  It's like putting a tuning fork in water and watching the ripple effect, as the strongest vibration washes away the weaker ones until everything is in accordance.  

    Skeptics have always been interested in Eastern medicine and its scientific validity and overall effectiveness.  It's a delight to know that Reiki has an overwhelming amount of supportive data showing strong correlations to helping with a multitude of illnesses and symptoms.  Some known beneficiaries of Reiki include those suffering from: arthritis, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, addictive behaviors, and general stress.  The beauty of relaxation is that it promotes general overall health mentally and physically.  The more relaxation you have and carry with you on your day to day life, the happier and healthier you will be.